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Huaraz is a haven for trekkers with countless spectacular trails and opportunities. Trekking in the Cordilleras combines adventure, nature and physical activity. We explore places we would never see in any other way, feel the closeness to nature and experience our personal boundaries. To enjoy our trekking tours, you should be physically fit and not squeamish in changing weather conditions. In order to get fully involved in the adventure, you should be ready to give up some comfort. For this you will be rewarded with incomparable and unforgettable experiences.



This is an interesting route because it offers the classic view of the north side of Alpamayo, which was nominated “the most beautiful mountain in the world”. The trek wanders through beautiful landscapes made up of snow-capped peaks, lakes and green Andean vegetation. Cross many steps and visit a classic high Andean town, Colcabamba, 




Santa Cruz

Hike through the very heart of the Cordillera Blanca on one of the most popular trekking routes, where Peru’s highest mountains soar thousands of feet above. Since 1975, the area around the Santa Cruz trail has been protected as part of the Huascaran National Park. The park has been a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1985 – designated as such for its wildlife as much as it is for its geology. 



This short trekking circuit is carried out to the east of the city of Huaraz, this trekking is different from the other circuits, because its geography is a little more rugged, from its highest pass Choco 4950msnm, most of the times you can see condors, we see many mountains and lakes, maybe the grade is difficult but the views are the best reward for all efforts.

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